PensionPal's features are relevant, practical and easy to use

PensionPal provides a comprehensive range of features for trustees and scheme managers; a few examples are shown below.

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  • Documents Vault

  • Diary

  • Regulatory Tools

  • Internal Client Management

  • Scheme Timeline

  • Emailing

  • Multiple Schemes

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Documents Vault

Most schemes have literally hundreds of documents; PensionPal's document vault provides a secure and accessible scheme documents library.

The main purpose of the documents vault is to store final, signed versions of scheme documents centrally so that trustees can quickly and easily access relevant documentation.

With PensionPal it is no longer necessary for each trustee to retain their own extensive library of scheme papers.

It takes the pain out of storing, locating and accessing relevant scheme documentation.


The scheme diary is used by trustees to manage and monitor key events in the scheme calendar.

PensionPal helps the trustees to establish and maintain an effective audit trail for each scheme event; it retains key details about the event along with relevant documentation.

Events that typically appear in the scheme diary include:

  • Trustee meetings
  • Sub-committee meetings
  • Actuarial valuation dates and deadlines
  • Accounting dates and deadlines
  • Scheme anniversaries

Regulatory Tools

PensionPal provides a range of practical tools, each designed to help trustees manage the requirements of the Pensions Regulator's guidance and Codes of Practice.

PensionPal's regulatory toolkit includes features for the trustees to:

  • record trustee learning activities under "Trustee knowledge and Understanding"
  • record and manage conflicts of interest
  • maintain details of member nominated trustee appointments
  • maintain details of internal controls
  • record details of breaches of the law and notifiable events

Internal Client Management

PensionPal includes a range of internal client management features that encourage good governance for professional advisers.

They have been designed to 'make life easier' for administrators, consultants and other professional advisers.

For example, the processes, procedures and scheme documents for all schemes can be managed and accessed centrally using PensionPal. This is particularly useful where staff work from a number of different locations.

When PensionPal is used for internal client management it forms an important component of the overall risk management structure for the business.

Scheme Timeline

For a trustee or manager, understanding the scheme's history can be a daunting, challenging and time-consuming task.

There will have been many past events that have shaped the way the scheme operates today, for example:

  • changes to benefits
  • special arrangements for individuals or groups
  • landmark legal and taxation changes
  • changes to advisers

PensionPal's scheme timeline makes it easy to understand the scheme's history and locate details and documents associated with each key event.


Emails can be sent automatically by PensionPal to notify trustees and advisers about key scheme events.

For example:

Emails relevant to trustee meetings include:

  • Reminders about meeting dates
  • Electonic document packs
  • Instructions to follow up actions and decisions.

Emails relevant to scheme documents include:

  • Notifications that documents have been filed
  • Document attachments
  • Information about deadlines for filing documents.

Multiple Schemes

Some employers operate more than one pension arrangement. PensionPal can be used to provide central access to documentation and information for all schemes.

This is ideal for those individuals who are involved with more than one of the employer's schemes.

To find out more about PensionPal, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Mark Stephenson:

Mobile: 07776 236215