PensionPal has been designed for trustees

If you are a pension trustee, PensionPal will save you time and help you to engage with your duties and responsibilities. It could even help you to reduce adviser fees.

PensionPal provides a robust governance and risk management framework; for many trustees the business case for adopting PensionPal is overwhelming.

PensionPal provides easy access to scheme information and documentation online.

It offers a comprehensive range of practical tools; each designed to encourage good governance and compliance with the Pensions Regulator's requirements.

Importantly, PensionPal is intuitive and extremely easy to use.

Once you start using PensionPal you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Member Nominated Trustees

Member nominated trustees need to be familiar with many different aspects of the pension scheme.

Understanding the pension scheme's history, documentation and relevant legislation can be very daunting and time-consuming; particularly for new trustees.

PensionPal has been designed to help:

  • It provides central access to scheme history and scheme documentation. With PensionPal it is no longer necessary to retain an extensive library of scheme papers
  • It provides an audit trail of actions and decisions
  • It provides reference material about the trustees' regulatory duties and responsibilities
  • It provides reminders about key scheme dates and deadlines

If you are a member nominated trustee and would like to know more about PensionPal please contact us.


Employer Appointed Trustees

Employer appointed trustees often find it difficult to dedicate sufficient time to pensions; their role with the company takes priority.

With PensionPal, the time spent on pensions is effective and productive.

The following features of PensionPal tend to be of particular interest to employer appointed trustees:

  • Conflicts of interest - PensionPal includes an area for trustees to manage and monitor conflicts of interest
  • Funding details - PensionPal make it easy to access funding and accounting details about the Scheme
  • Scheme Adviser appointments - PensionPal includes an area to manage adviser appointments and fees

If you are an employer appointed trustee and would like to know more about PensionPal please contact us.


Independent Trustees

PensionPal is extremely popular with independent trustees. It helps to ensure that the scheme is fully compliant and encourages good governance.

PensionPal's features include tools to help:

  • manage internal controls
  • manage conflicts of interest
  • monitor trustee learning activities
  • record breaches of the law and notifiable events
  • record and manage adviser appointments
  • manage and monitor actions and decisions

If you are an independent trustee and would like to know more about PensionPal please contact us.


To find out more about PensionPal, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Mark Stephenson:
Mobile: 07776 236215