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Our Story

PensionPal Ltd is a privately owned company. It was established in 2006 by Mark Stephenson and Andy Rogers. Mark and Andy met at the University of York many years previously and in 2006 found themselves discussing pension scheme governance at the Bleeding Heart restaurant in London (apologies to our friends who were with us that evening!). At the time Mark was working with companies and pension schemes as an experienced actuary and Andy was working as a senior software developer.

The vision that evening: to harness online technology to improve boardroom processes, is still our vision today.

We started out focusing entirely on pension scheme governance, working closely with trustees and pension professionals to develop a governance framework that is relevant, up-to-date, practical and easy to use. Our online solutions have been embraced by trustee boards of schemes with assets in the tens of million to those with assets in the billions.

We now provide governance solutions for Corporate Boards, Charities and Pension Schemes.

A giant leap forward for us!

In January 2022, we launched an updated version of our software, bringing together the best parts of our existing solution and introducing a range of new features.

The new release has allowed us to:

  • offer our unique governance framework to corporate boards, charities and to wider audiences
  • embrace the latest thinking and guidance on board governance
  • harness the latest technology

We’re driven by your success!

We take immense pride in the collaborative approach that we have with our clients - we’re in this together.

We are good listeners and constantly seek improvement based on feedback and suggestions from our clients. We strive to ensure that our users are invested in our solutions.

We are 100% privately owned and 100% committed to our clients.