Electronic Meeting Packs

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Enhancing the meeting experience

PensionPal’s meeting management area enables the secretariat to create and distribute meeting packs effortlessly and securely. Meeting papers are made available online and on our bespoke PensionPal Governance iPad app.

PensionPal’s clever underlying structure uses a joined-up approach throughout and this is illustrated nicely in the meetings area. Complete records of meetings are available centrally, together with information about conflicts of interest, actions and decisions. Navigation around the site is straightforward so that preparing for, attending and following up meeting actions and decisions is seamless.

PensionPal’s electronic meeting features include:

  • Dynamic agendas
    • simplifying the process of building and distributing the meeting pack
    • enabling seamless late changes to the agenda and the document pack
    • streamlining the meeting process for the secretariat and for meeting attendees
    • personalised meeting packs ensuring controlled access to sensitive documents
  • Annotation features
    • make notes and annotations on your meeting pack
  • Actions and decisions
    • record, review and manage actions and decisions
  • Comprehensive records of past meetings
    • date, time, location, attendees, apologies, conflicts of interest
    • minutes, matters arising, actions and decisions
    • terms of reference

Why PensionPal?

We are an established provider of online governance software. We are extremely proud of our eminent client list consisting of pension trustee boards, firms of pension professionals, independent trustees and corporates.

We have a strong track record of delivering innovative, scalable and easy to use IT solutions.

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Our Software

We have extensive experience in software development. Our underlying software architecture is logical and well-structured so that our products and services stand the test of time and can evolve as end user requirements change.

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