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Encouraging accountability and transparency

Action management is an important part of PensionPal’s governance structure. The Action Tracker encourages accountability and transparency and helps users process internal and delegated actions in a timely and efficient manner.

PensionPal’s action management features include:

  • Integrated action management
    • consolidated view of actions from meetings, projects and day-to-day activities
    • providing oversight
    • raising awareness and accountability
  • Transparency
    • for the board, advisers and the secretariat
    • providing clear audit trails
    • progress and status alerts

Why PensionPal?

We are an established provider of online governance software. We are extremely proud of our eminent client list consisting of pension trustee boards, firms of pension professionals, independent trustees and corporates.

We have a strong track record of delivering innovative, scalable and easy to use IT solutions.

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Our Software

We have extensive experience in software development. Our underlying software architecture is logical and well-structured so that our products and services stand the test of time and can evolve as end user requirements change.

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