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Efficient and informed decision making

PensionPal provides a framework for rigorous, efficient and informed decision making.

This focuses on ensuring that:

  • decision makers have secure access to complete information
  • conflicts of interests can be declared and managed with confidence
  • alerts and notifications are available to maintain momentum throughout the decision making process

PensionPal’s decision management features include:

  • Make informed decisions
    • providing full access to documentation, advice and recommendations
    • recognising actual and potential conflicts of interest
    • alerts around voting and commenting
  • Share information safely and securely
    • a safe and secure environment for all decisions
    • GDPR and data protection compliant
  • Clear, concise and comprehensive audit trails
    • demonstrating due process in decision making
    • comprehensive records of documentation, advice, comments, votes and outcomes
  • 24/7 decision making
    • effective decision making at and between meetings

Why PensionPal?

We are an established provider of online governance software. We are extremely proud of our eminent client list consisting of pension trustee boards, firms of pension professionals, independent trustees and corporates.

We have a strong track record of delivering innovative, scalable and easy to use IT solutions.

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Our Software

We have extensive experience in software development. Our underlying software architecture is logical and well-structured so that our products and services stand the test of time and can evolve as end user requirements change.

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